January Term Course at the MFA, Registration Required


Friday, January 24, 2014, 11:00am


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Open to Harvard Undergraduates, registration link: http://ofa.fas.harvard.edu/courses/january.php

Can looking at art change the way one sees a patient? Can music be used therapeutically in neurologic disorders? Can reflection and narrative writing enhance empathy? The Committee on Arts&Humanities@HMS, the Office for the Arts at Harvard and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston invite undergraduates to spend a day with art educators, medical students, residents and faculty to explore how the arts enhance patient care and promote caregiver learning, reflection, and renewal. The discussion will focus on how to incorporate the arts and humanities into medical practices and careers.

Panels and workshops, which will be held in the classrooms and galleries of the Museum of Fine Arts, include: “Medicine and Literature” (narrative medicine, poetry, fiction and nonfiction writing); “Medicine and the Performing Arts” (clinical applications of music, careers in medicine/music) and “Medicine and Visual Art” (training the eye, medicine and art perception, the live of the physician/visual artist).

For more information see the attached pdf.

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